Whack the Serial Killer

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Whack the Serial Killer

In Whack the Serial Killer, Patrick, Whisky as well as Lisa get abducted by an insane serial killer and also locked up in his scary cellar. Yes it's the regular movie based situation besides one huge difference, not one of the 3 are your defenseless victicms waiting to be tortured or disembowled. Little bit does the Serial Killer understand he's teased the wrong family members.

In the very first main launch of the video game you will take the role of Lisa and also Whisky mostly to penalize the serial awesome with all kind of insane medieval torture methods and also eliminates. Customarily some fantasy based eliminates and flick recommendations will additionally be chucked in permanently procedure!

We have actually greatly investigated some of one of the most disgusting abuse devices utilized in background to allow you to really make this serial awesome pay majorly! Play the full version of Whack the Serial Killer for free right now!