Whack The Thief

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Whack The Thief

Having a look from the opposite side of the burglary range, this time around I'm discussing Smack the Burglar-- a video game where you need to safeguard your residence (or perhaps simply your console) from an intruder that's escape of his deepness.

Whack the Thief seems like a video game you're indicated to play in a break at college or university. It's not especially lengthy and also there are just a handful of various terrible closings to find.

Your personality looks a little on the young side to be a bloodthirsty brilliant, nevertheless, a person is getting into your residence while you're up playing a PlayStation in the center of the evening. So what do you do? Well, you murder the misdirected sap with whatever things is about.

Whack the Thief is essentially the very same scene repeated and also over once again. It's not such as some storyboard video games, such as Escaping the Prison, where you need to make a string of choices within various scenes. Actually, there are just thirteen various closings to this set scene.

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